Dee Davis

Dee Davis

I call Arlington, SD my hometown, although I was raised from a baby to 6th grade in Brookings. I got my degree from USD in Vermillion.

I got my first radio gig in Brookings and then went to the morning show in Huron, SD. That’s where I found out that I make a great noon or later DJ! My body and my mind agree that getting up before the sun rises is just not natural.

Make sure you join me Monday through Friday for lots of fun games and prizes including My Five Questions at 5pm.

My boys and I reside in Nebraska – that is my husband Loren, and boys Marshall & Peyton.



Tuesday, November 3, 201511/03/2015

Trick or Treat 2

another stop on my Trick or Treat path as a Viking


Tuesday, November 3, 201511/03/2015

Trick or Treat

Just one of the many few ok…a couple of houses Dee went trick or treating at as a viking.


Monday, November 2, 201511/02/2015

Tator Tots For Life!!!!!!!!!!!

YUMMMMMMY!!!! A Memphis Grizzlies fan recently won tater tots for life from Sonic after hitting a halfcourt shot during a…

boys 2

Thursday, October 29, 201510/29/2015

Halloween Costumes

This year I have a Cowboy and a Magician! It’s funny how my boys pick their costumes. I think my…


Tuesday, October 27, 201510/27/2015

Friendly Little Bet

Eric and I will be making a friendly little bet again with the Bears/Vikings game this weekend. We thought about…

halloween costume

Friday, October 23, 201510/23/2015

How much??? For a Halloween Costume?!?!

I admit…I could make my kids Halloween costumes…but I am also willing to admit that I have not ONE single…

halloween costumes1

Wednesday, October 21, 201510/21/2015

Got Your Halloween Costume Yet?

Ghost, Princess, Donald Trump, Superman, Elsa… What is the most popular Halloween Costume in your state? Find out @ The…


Tuesday, October 20, 201510/20/2015


Guy Performs Dubstep On A McDonald’s Cup … a man plays a dubstep song by sliding a straw in and…


Monday, October 19, 201510/19/2015

10 Haunted US Cities

Just in time for Halloween…America’s 10 Haunted Cities for Trick or Treating I think I am good right here!


Friday, October 16, 201510/16/2015

Lucky Charms with Marshmallows Only!!!

General Mills is giving away 10 boxes of Lucky Charms with marshmallows only. The General Mills blog describes the contest…

Dee's Five Questions

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Dee’s Five Questions- Tuesday

Dee’s Five Questions- Tuesday Sponsored by: Waddy’s Bar & Grill- Hudson, SD

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Dee’s Five Questions- Monday

Dee’s Five Questions- Monday Sponsored by: Plato’s Closet- SIoux City, IA

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Dee’s Five Questions- Friday

Dee’s Five Questions- Friday Sponsored by: Scheels in Sioux City, IA & Sioux Falls, SD


Dee’s Five Questions- Thursday

Dee’s Five Questions- Thursday Sponsored by: Laser Barn/Laser Tag- Yankton, SD

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Dee’s Five Questions- Wednesday

Dee’s Five Questions- Wednesday Sponsored by: Candie’s Couture- Sioux City, IA